A set of five seven inch bendables

Gumby Bendables are a series of bendables produced by Jesco. They were first produced in the 1960's, when Gumby was very popular.They are posable and bendable. They are still produced and available today. There are 7 inch bendables and 3 3 inch bendables called 'gumbitys.'

List of bendables available:

7 inch bendables:



The Blockheads




Gumby with 50th anniversary T-shirt (only available though the Gumby fan club)

Sheriff Gumby

Doctor Gumby

Biker Gumby

Firefighter Gumby

Retro Gumby (modeled in 60's form)

Retro Pokey (modeled in 60's form)

They Clayboys (out of production)

Denali (out of production)

7 inch bendables Sets:

Gumby, Pokey, Goo, Prickle and Minga (Goo, Prickle, Minga only available in this set)

Gumby, Pokey, The Blockheads and a DVD with six episodes

Gumby and Pokey

3 inch Gumbitys:

Gumby and Pokey pair

Gumby and Pokey pair with book

Retro Gumby and Pokey pair

Gumby and Goo pair (out of production)

Gumby and Pokey pair (out of production)

Gumby and Minga pair (out of production)

Gubmy and Prickle pair (out of production)

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