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Denali is a mastodon that first appeared in the episode "Strange Circus Animals".


While Art Clokey was in the middle of work on Gumby, a mastodon was discovered by a mountain climber in Alaska. Scientists and Zoologists traveled to the site by dogsled and confirmed that it had fallen 10,000 years ago and was frozen in solid ice. Because it was so well preserved, scientists could better understand the animal's way of life.

First appearance

In an effort to recreate a circus benefit for a Lost Children Fund, Gumby, Pokey, and Goo set off to find circus animals. Gumby and Pokey decide to search for an elephant in a book called "Elephants and extinct relatives." Gumby and Pokey morph into an icy world. As a herd of mastodons walk by one tries to attack Gumby for no reason. Gumby and Pokey run and the mastodon falls into an ice chasm. The baby mastodon runs toward her and becomes sad. Gumby and Pokey decide to help the mastodon named Denali. He explains that his father was killed by hunters and now he is all alone. Gumby and Pokey decide to take him to their circus.


Denali is a friendly mastodon whose best friend is Tilly the chicken. He "hugs his horn" on a stand in Gumby's band.


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