First appearance: Who's What? (November 18, 1963)

  • Henry's Voice:
    Don Messick (Who's What?, Treasure for Henry and Dragon Witch)
    David Ozzie Ahlers (Dragon Witch 1988 Redub only)
    Art Clokey ("The Henry and Rodgy Book" segment)

  • Rodgy's Voice:
    Don Messick (Who's What?, Dragon Witch and Treasure for Henry)
    Dallas McKennon (Dragon Witch 1988 redub and "The Henry and Rodgy Book" segment from Kamek's Great Journey: The Magical Wizard Turtle)
  • Writer: Art Clokey

Henry is the teddy bear in Who's What? and Dragon Witch. And Rodgy is the clay bird. In Treasure for Henry and The Henry and Rodgy Book, Henry is the red clay bear. In episode 61~ Dragon Witch, Henry and Rodgy set out to rescue a damsel in distress. The damsel turns out to be a witch who is about to be eaten by a dragon. Using Rodgy as a decoy, Henry lassoes the dragon’s tail. In episode 62~ Henry and Rodgy, sneak into the hold of a pirate ship. They are caught whilst helping themselves to some of the pirate’s loot. A Man-O-War attacks the pirate ship and Henry helps defeat the pirates.

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