The Black Knight

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Gumby The Black Knight05:54

Gumby The Black Knight

Gumby's playing with a giant electromagnet on a crane one day, which accidentally strips the armor off of a knight who was passing by. As they sort the mess out, Gumby learns that the knight is looking for someone who can challenge The Black Knight, who has placed a spell on the dragon that makes it burn down wheat fields. And so, Gumby confronts the Black Knight, who challenges Gumby to a duel over whether or not the dragon should be freed. During the duel, Gumby slips out of his armor and uses it as a decoy to divert the knight's attention. The bad news is, now he doesn't have any armor. The local dragon came by, seeing that things aren't going well for Gumby, and it spewed flames at the Black Knight. As the Black Knight burns like a candle for about a half hour, Gumby runs off and returns with the electromagnet to strip the Black Knight's armor off, so now the knight is nude as well as roasted alive. Gumby and the good knight ride away on the dragon. Mysterious Fires: Gumby's sitting around one day, minding his own business, morphing himself around at random, when a knight approaches him, mistaking him for a wizard. It seems that he needs to find a wizard who can stop the fires that have been destroying his kingdom's wheat fields. And so, Gumby whips out his fire truck and comes to the rescue. Unfortunately, the fires were started by a rogue dragon. Fortunately, the dragon started crying and instantly agrees to Gumby's suggestion that he stop burning the wheat fields down. Gumby is knighted and the dragon becomes the king's pet.

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